Entering the Mainstream: Cryptocurrency Adoption Report in 2022

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are entering the mainstream. As of November 2021, crypto wallet ownership sits near a staggering 80 million, while it’s estimated that 3.9% of the global population owns cryptocurrency. 

Despite these gains, there is persistent uncertainty about crypto and the ways it can be used. When the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) and Wirex teamed up to produce their first report, ‘The Future of Money: Cryptocurrency Adoption in 2021’, they  wanted to better understand how consumers use blockchain technology. In this 2022 report, SDF and Wirex built on earlier findings, addressing a much larger group of almost 10,000 respondents, and identifying new trends that have emerged in the past year. With this report, SDF and Wirex looked to conduct a finer-grained, attitudinal study to compare sentiment and usage of cryptocurrency in four specific markets.

In this report, you will learn:

  • About the five common misconceptions that surround cryptocurrency, and how the survey results bust these myths to reveal the truth

  • How the general public’s attitudes toward cryptocurrency have changed year-over-year, indicating what the most pressing issues are for the upcoming year

  • What barriers currently stand in the way of mainstream adoption of crypto and how they might be dismantled


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