The Stellar Anchor Directory

Whether enabling customers in new geographies to convert to their home fiat currency, or designing an international peer to peer (P2P) payments flow, the Stellar Anchor Network extends the reach of wallet applications to new geographies around the world. Stellar Anchors often support “difficult” currencies in emerging economies, many of which lack liquidity in retail forex markets, as well as local cash out methods that permit users to move from digital assets back into their local fiat currency. Stellar anchors give you access to local rails, including ACH in the US, mobile money in Kenya, and SEPA in Europe.
This resource will give you a map of the current anchor offerings* on the Stellar network.

Download the Stellar Anchor Directory

* The information provided in this Anchor Directory is pulled from publicly available resources as of the date provided above. Such information has not been independently verified or certified for accuracy or completeness by the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), and SDF makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of such information or the products, services, offerings, or pricing of any anchor operating on the Stellar network.

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